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Top Credit Cards You Should Get in 2021

When we think about credit cards we picture just a piece of plastic that the bank gives to you so that you can have your money there. You would think that all of the credit cards are more or less the same, they don’t really have anything special to offer as all banks tend to be similar.

Most people think the same way that you do. They believe that all credit cards are going to be offering you similar benefits, and that is why it isn’t worth changing your credit card or even thinking more about this topic.

All of this is a lie. You actually should investigate about how you’re using your credit card, the benefits that it gives you, the reward system that it has, etc. there are so many things that you should be taking in consideration that you might even feel just as if you didn’t know much about all of this.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new in this, or if you’ve been making an in depth research about credit cards in the last couple of years, the most fundamental thing would be for you to know exactly how to choose the perfect credit card for you.

Why would you want to use a credit card in the first place?

Credit cards are going to provide you with a simple way of seeing and analysing your spendings. You’re going to be able to know when and where you’ve spent your money over the last couple of months.

All of this might be too obvious, but it would surprise you to know the wide quantity of people that don’t know anything at all about credit cards and the ways that they can benefit from them.

Credit cards can also unlock you new experiences at a low cost such as business class flights with diverse coupon systems.

There are also several reward programs and bonuses, in case you are always on time to pay credit, in exchange the bank is going to give you several gifts such as Apple products or even short trips to other countries.

You can use your credit card all around the world and even online. You don’t even need to have it with you physically as long as it is in your phone or inside of a special program. Credit cards are just extremely comfortable to use.

You can utilise a credit card in your everyday life for almost everything that is related to money. Nowadays there’s not enough reasons not to have one.

Which credit cards should you be using? Are there some recommendations for the people that are just starting out in this strange yet exciting credit card world?

There are plenty of companies that have numerous benefits in case you get their credit cards, but in this article we are going to recommend to you only the best ones of them all.

The Citi Rewards MasterCard is one of the best options available. It is possible the most reliable and useful credit card that you could find. It provides you with 4 miles per dollar, which is the same as an 8% discount in thousands of online stores and big companies.

You’re actually going to be saving a lot of money every time you use this credit card. You’re constantly going to be getting rewards from this company as long as you are buying online. The category in which you shop isn’t really going to be changing anything for you, you can shop at Amazon, subscribe to Netflix or HBO, shop at Asos or AliExpress, it doesn’t really matter, the rewards are still going to be given to you.

These miles will be saved for you throughout the course of five years, so you don’t really have to be worrying about spending all of them right away or think about how long you’re be able to use them, all of these thoughts are going to be gone just because you’ll be able to use these miles for a very long period of time.

Receive 30,000 Citi ThankYou points (equivalent to $240) when you sign up using this link and spend $3000 in the first 3 months!

This credit card is perfect for those that want to get the best deal when it comes to discounts way higher than a normal cashback/miles card.

50% off dining at Pan Pacific

13.3% Cashback on Contactless Payment

If you’re from that group of people that is constantly buying different things online then you’re going to adore this credit card. It gives you a 13.3% discount on any product that you buy online if you spend above $300.

25% off Sheng Shiong

With this credit card you’ll obtain 25% off your groceries. You just have to spend a minimum of $40, but let’s be real, we all spend much more than that when we’re shopping for groceries.

With the Amex Krisflyer Blue, you will also obtain 4000 KrisFlyer miles if you sign up using this link and spend more than $2000 in the first three months.

OCBC Frank

The OCBC Frank card is a great choice as well. You’ll obtain a 6% cashback on all contactless and online spendings. It doesn’t matter which website or company it is, you are just going to get that amazing benefit.

There is just one requirement, you need to spend $600 each month in order to get that discount. It is the best cashback offer if you are looking at cashback cards, but for myself, after using multiple cards, the Citibank Rewards and Amex Krisflyer Blue are my go-to these days.


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