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Best Brokerage for your global investments in 2021

There are plenty of brokerage platforms online that are specially dedicated to placing your global investments in them. Could they be some that are better and other ones that aren’t even worth taking a look at? Absolutely.

The best brokerage platform I use and recommend is Saxo Markets. It has many benefits and is a popular singular platform that allows for investments in both the Singapore and US markets.

If you place $3000 into your investment account and make 3 trades, you will receive a gift of $100! A few minutes of work will give you a return of the 3.3% of your investment. Looking at the low-interest rates now where your high-yield bank savings account only gives you 0.4% (Standard Chartered JumpStart), this 3.3% return for just setting up an account is a blessing. Don't miss out on this offer by signing up using this link today.

Minimum commission waiver

On top of the free $100, if you sign up today, there is no minimum commission for SGX equities. If you are just starting out, do make use of this unique offer limited for a minimum time to try out your trades! This discount is valid until the 30th of April 2021.

Extremely low fees for global markets

Source: Saxo

Using Saxo, you can trade stocks with extremely low fees. The best fees apply to the Singapore and US markets, and they are significantly lower than the likes of DBS and UOB, but you can also check the variables in other 37 exchanges that are also going to be extremely beneficial to you, such as HK, AU or JP.

Trade on a range of platforms

You can initiate the trades from your own computer, iPad, or smartphone. It is very simple, fast, and easy, and you aren’t going to need to go through any tutorial as it is extremely intuitive.


If you are new to the Singapore and US investment realm, and want to get a headstart by getting an additional $100 in your account, pay $0 minimum commission for SGX equities, and trade from any platform, sign up for Saxo Markets today.


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